If we assume that this observation is true, it is the breadth of this correlation that is proven, data in support.

Factors of employee disengagement:

  • Lack of vision caused by a miscommunication

  • A lack of team and collaborative spirit, social isolation and a lack of recognition of employees contributions

  • Poor and unclear HR policies and too rigid management rules

An engaged employee means :








Customer satisfaction



Source Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report 2018

Improving customer satisfaction by engaging employees, that is Accretio’s calling

Accretio allows you to support the HR digital transformation of your organization with the ultimate objective of federating, unleashing, the energies of talent and engaging employees, serving the overall performance of your organization.
By putting people at the heart of your digital transformation, Accretio supports the evolution of management methods used in your organization:

  • Modernizes employee relationships with and within their organization
  • Promotes transversal collaboration and strengthen team spirit
  • Promotes and facilitates workstation mobility through better management of employee skills and performance
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Who are we ?

Accretio is a France based, international solutions editor and digital transformation partner, providing tools, resources and more than 100 consultants to help you ensure your digital journey success.
Supported by a first fundraising in 2017, the start-up has grown and has, in addition to its headquarter in France, 3 African subsidiaries: in Tunisia, Morocco and Ivory Coast.

Accretio is a Digital Workplace that simplifies and automates your organization's management, fluidifying the dissemination of information and putting your peoples’ engagement at the heart of your digital transformation all in a one and single secured technology platform.