The user-friendly, intuitive and powerful HR Digital Workplace that revolutionizes and modernizes collaboration.
Discover the HR services platform that enhances employee engagement.

One unified and unique HR service platform:

Accretio derives its unique value proposition from a native combination of an HR services portal and a collaborative, professional social HRIS 3.0.
It is a modernized and secured Digital Workplace, enhancing the “HR as a service” approach. Redefine your HR department to become employee-experience-oriented.

  • An unbeatable user experience:

    Your agile and responsive Digital Workplace, clearly “user experience” oriented, that revolutionizes the employee experience

  • A unified platform for the entire organization:

    Your centralized digital workspace with a wide range of features that meet all the needs of HR actors, managers, CIOs, directors, and employees .

  • A cloud platform made for decision-makers

    Obtain reliable employee engagement KPIs: Turn reliable data into a real lever for strategic management and progress within the company

  • Multi-device access:

    The all-in-one Digital Workplace, accessible quickly, anywhere any time and via any device.

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We built strong and strategic partnerships to be even closer to you !

Collaborations and synergies made with trusted partners to offer broader services and more complete offers to our users.

More than 30,000 employees better engaged with Accretio

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    International Implementations
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    Clients that trusted us
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